Coalition for Applied Research (CAR)

The Coalition for Applied Research (CAR)

CAR was created with the goals of:

  • Expediting the transition of new scientific discovery and invention to mission deployment and other commercial applications;
  • Enhancing the applied research competitiveness of its members in support of the United States Government;
  • Establishing  Non Traditional Centers of Excellence in emerging advanced technology disciplines at member institutions;

    Brief History of CAR:

    • 2008: Open Innovation Concepts proposed to NAVSEA for Rapid Technology Transition from Laboratory to Fleet End User;
    • 2010: Innovation Challenge Contest Announced to test Open Innovation Concepts against Corrosion Control at Pearl Harbor Naval Ship Yard;
    • 2012: Innovation Challenge Face-Off at Pearl Harbor Naval Ship Yard – Successful Demonstration of Open Innovation in Action;
    • 2012: CAR Collaborations with Emerging Research Institutions;.
    • 2019: CAR launches CAAR (Coalition for Accelerated Applied Research) – “From Thesis to Enterprise at the Speed of Networking”.  More details to come. Stay tuned.