The American Heritage Defense Corporation (AHDC) is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation (Think Tank) that was founded in 2002 with a mission to promote innovation driven enterprises, with a focus on inclusion and diversity. Over the years, the Corporation has provided concepts, consulting, R&D collaboration, technical assistance and other relevant services to industry, academia and agencies of the United States government, and has collaborated with other entities in pursuing its mission (view Archive here).                            


Coalition for Applied Research (CAR)

The Coalition for Applied Research (CAR)

CAR was created with the goals of:

  • Expediting the transition of new scientific discovery and invention to mission deployment and other commercial applications;
  • Enhancing the applied research competitiveness of its members in support of the United States Government;
  • Establishing  Non Traditional Centers of Excellence in emerging advanced technology disciplines at member institutions;

    Brief History of CAR:

    • 2008: Open Innovation Concepts proposed to NAVSEA for Rapid Technology Transition from Laboratory to Fleet End User;
    • 2010: Innovation Challenge Contest Announced to test Open Innovation Concepts against Corrosion Control at Pearl Harbor Naval Ship Yard;
    • 2012: Innovation Challenge Face-Off at Pearl Harbor Naval Ship Yard – Successful Demonstration of Open Innovation in Action;
    • 2012: CAR Collaborations with Emerging Research Institutions;.
    • 2019: CAR launches CAAR (Coalition for Accelerated Applied Research) – “From Thesis to Enterprise at the Speed of Networking”.  More details to come. Stay tuned.                                                                                                                                                                                                             



Building Alliances is an integral DNA of AHDC business operations. For each of our initiatives, our starting point is to deploy the Triple Helix approach of bringing Academia (Knowledge), Industry (Enterprise) and Government (Policy) to the table as stakeholders. The prototypical structure of these alliances is embodied by the American Heritage Defense Alliance (AHDA), as stipulated in the Bye-Laws of our organization. Alliances for each initiative are formed in a manner consistent with the provisions of AHDA.

Article II of the Bye-Laws of AHDC

The Alliance

Section 2.1 Strategy: The strategy for corporate development of AHDC hinges on the formation of the American Heritage Defense Alliance (hereinafter called AHDA) with participation from governmental, industrial, academic and philanthropic organizations. These organizations will be stakeholders and assist in accomplishing the mission of AHDA.

Section 2.2 AHDA Mission: The mission of AHDA is to create, fund and operate Engineering Centers for expediting national defense and homeland security and to accelerate the production of higher quality American engineers in sufficient quantities for the defense and advancement of the United States of America.



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